Insurance is essential for covering the contents of your home. We do not arrange contents cover for your individual property. You will need to make these arrangements separately. There are also excess payable in respect of every type of claim. Please check the summary for cover (available on request) for further details of this.

Where buildings insurance is provided, this will cover the building and common parts including parking areas and landscaping against damage caused by:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion or earthquake
  • Water damage from heating installations, washing machines or oil escaping from heating installations
  • Damage caused by riots, civil commotions, malicious damage or vandalism
  • Theft of fixtures or fittings or items from the common areas where there is forcible/violent entry
  • Subsidence, falling trees or branches, TV aerials or radio masts
  • Accidental damage to drains or pipes, cables and tanks
  • Storm or flood
  • Breakage of glass in doors, windows or sanitary ware
  • Any other damage caused by a peril insured, including, acts of terrorism, alternative accommodation following damage to the building which makes it uninhabitable

Property Owners Liability Insurance is arranged for any areas managed by Trinity, which covers third party liability for death, injury or property damage. Where there are lifts or other heavy plant and equipment, Engineering Insurance is also arranged, which includes any statutory safety inspections. Cover may also be arranged for Director’s and Officers’ Liability, where there is a residents management company.

Please note that it is a condition of the Buildings Insurance Policy that you notify the insurers if your property is going to be unoccupied for longer than 30 days. If you fail to do this, there is a possibility that the insurance company may exclude loss or damage to apartments and houses caused by water damage, vandalism, theft and breakage of glass in doors or windows.

Risk Management

We have provided some tips to help reduce the risk of damage to your home or belongings that could result in an insurance claim:

  • Make sure you can locate and operate the stop-cocks within your property
  • All internal alterations to electrical wiring should be check and approved by a qualified electrician
  • Do not store flammable or hazardous items or materials in the building unless stored in a designated secure area and do not leave personal belongings in the common parts or cupboards
  • Qualified workmen, in accordance with safe practices, should carry out maintenance work, plumbing and carpentry. Do not accept workmen unless they are qualified and from a reputable firm
  • Please inform Trinity if there are any issues with security or damages and report items or disrepair

Making a claim or obtaining advice

Sometimes issues may arise that mean an insurance claim needs to be made. This could be for damage to individual apartments or communal areas. Where it is necessary to make a claim, Trinity will assist you in getting your claim completed. In all instances, the matter should be reported to Trinity by contacting us on 0345 345 1584 as soon as possible.

Trinity will provide the necessary claim form or contact details for the claims handling team that will deal with the matter. We will assist with contacting neighbouring properties to mitigate any further damage or loss and will offer advice if required. The responsibility to make this claim remains with the leaseholder for these incidents.

For issues affecting or originating from communal areas of the development, Trinity will manage the claim from start to finish. We will report the claim to the insurers, instruct any works to mitigate the loss and minimise the extent of the damage. We will obtain the quotations, photos, invoices and sundry claim information required by the insurers to progress matters. Once the insurers have authorised the costs we will instruct the contractors and communicate with the residents. Upon completion of the repairs we will obtain settlement from the insurers and arrange payment to the contractors. For more complex matters we will liaise with loss adjusters, surveyors and insurers to ensure the issue is resolved.