At Trinity, there are a number of different services we provide, all of which are done to a high standard. Quality service is the priority of what we do in our business. We provide the management of services as specified within your Lease or Transfer document.

There are five different aspects we manage

  • Services
    • Preparing specifications for maintenance contracts, e.g. landscape maintenance, cleaning etc
    • Obtaining quotations for services and appointing contractors
    • Placing maintenance/service contracts for equipment – lifts, fire equipment, automatic gates, water pumps etc
    • Supervision of service contractors
    • Negotiating and arranging buildings and other insurances where applicable.
    • Payment of supplier invoices
    • Financial monitoring throughout the year
  • Visits
    • Development inspections on a regular cycle
    • Meeting with residents upon request during office hours
    • Meeting with residents’ associations/management co. directors as necessary during office hours
    • Meeting with contractors, developers and other agencies on site as necessary.
    • Answering telephone and correspondence queries from customers and outside agencies
    • Providing proactive development updates to residents
    • Ensuring that Health & safety legislation is followed at all times
  • Repairs
    • Inspection of repair matters prior to action where required
    • Inspection of repairs and management of contractor performance
    • Ordering responsive repairs with contractors
    • Inspection of completed works
    • Preparing programmes of planned maintenance and redecorations
    • Liaison with developers concerning defects in the common parts
    • Sourcing specialist contractors
    • Ensuring value for money on contractor invoices
  • Financial
    • Preparation and issuing of the annual service charge budget
    • Issuing invoices for service charge
    • Administering direct debit collection of service charge
    • Pursuing non-payment of service charge
    • Maintaining estate ‘trust status’ bank accounts
    • Maintaining financial records
    • Payment of suppliers and contractors
    • Preparation of annual service charge accounts
    • Liaison with independent accountants concerning certification
    • Distribution of annual service charge accounts
    • Dealing with year end surplus or deficit
  • Additional Services

    We may carry our the following services at an additional cost

    • Specification and supervision of major repairs and redecorations
    • Administering the residents’ management company and acting as company secretary. Providing directors and officers liability cover where necessary.
    • Dealing with solicitors enquiries upon assignment/sale
    • Dealing with consents; pet, sub-letting, alterations
    • Compliance with health and safety legislation for managed areas
    • Arranging regular insurance premium revaluations


    Actual Services:

    The following items may be included within your service charge as they are relevant to your development:

    • Landscape Maintenance: Grass cutting, beds maintenance, sweeping of paths and bin stores.
    • Cleaning: The internal communal areas, including dusting, vacuuming and mopping of hard surfaces.
    • Window Cleaning: Internal and external communal area window surfaces. However, due to Health and Safety regulations, some windows may not be able to be cleaned.
    • Water Charges: Provision for landlord’s supply to standpipe. In some cases, Trinity will levy charges for individual apartment water consumption.
    • Electricity: Common parts lighting, heating etc.
    • Lift Maintenance: Maintenance/Service contract
    • Fire equipment Maintenance: Service contract on any fire alarm, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers or emergency lighting including testing in accordance with regulations.
    • General Repairs & Maintenance: A provision for general repairs to the communal areas including lighting, joinery, door entry, locks, TV/Satellite etc.
    • Buildings/Property Owners’ Insurance: In the case of apartments, full buildings insurance and property owners’ liability (public liability)
    • Insurance Revaluation Fee: Amount payable towards the cost of periodic insurance revaluation by independent surveyors to ensure that the correct level of buildings insurance cover is maintained.

    Each development varies as to what is included in the service charge according to its construction, plant & equipment and facilities provided.

Service Charges Explained

Please be aware that Trinity is responsible for the building exterior, structure and communal areas and equipment. Any problem situated within your property is your own responsibility, however, it is best to check your lease or transfer documents, as it will outline the responsibilities to you.